What to Do with CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flowers are incredibly versatile, and there are many ways to get your daily dose of terpenes and CBD. In this guide, we’ll look at the best options, highlighting the ones that deliver the best results with the least hassle.

Preparing your CBD Flowers

Before you can think about consuming your hemp flowers, you need to decarboxylate them. Decarboxylation is the process of converting cannabinoids from their acidic form (CBDa) to their active form (CBD).

This occurs when the flowers are heated, so it’s not something you need to worry about if you’re smoking or vaping them. However, if you’re planning to create your own food or drink concoctions, you may need to gently cook your flowers first. 

You can also simply focus on methods that involve cooking and decarboxylation, and that’s what we’ve done below.

Food Infusions

Cannabidiol is a fat-soluble compound, which means it is stored in fat and its effects are enhanced when it is consumed with fat. Many cannabinoid cooking recipes call for the use of cannabis/hemp butter as opposed to flowers, and if you’re going to be eating your supply, you’ll need to have plenty of this base ingredient prepared in advance.

One of the best methods is to combine your CBD hemp flowers with coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat and makes for a great (and not totally unhealthy) binding agent.

The process involves melting coconut oil with water, adding hemp flowers, bringing the mixture to a simmer, and then monitoring for at least 2 hours. The liquid is then sieved, refrigerated, and used as needed.

You can follow a similar method with other base fats, including butter.


A few CBD brands sell their own hemp flower tea, but some of it costs up to $2 for a single tea bag and that’s a lot of money to pay for a cup of tea! With some high-quality hemp flowers and other basic ingredients, you can make your own tea and it will be much cheaper.

For a pick-me-up, add your flowers to black tea, but for something more relaxing, opt for chamomile and/or lavender. Peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, green tea, and hibiscus also make for great additions, adding some flavor and health benefits.

To maximize absorption, splash some whole milk into your tea and make sure you reuse the herbs or steep for a long period of time. If you’re using lavender and black tea, you’ll need to be careful with the dose. Black tea and lavender will make for a very bitter tea after 5 to 7 minutes of brewing, but to maximize the hemp flower’s benefits, you’ll want to edge closer to 10 minutes.

Finding the right balance of ingredients is key.

Alternatively, make your own hot cider or rum, combining hemp butter, cream, spices, and a drop of alcohol for a warming and soothing nighttime drink.


One of the best, easiest, and quickest ways to use hemp flowers is to smoke them in a bong, joint, or vape. You don’t need to worry about decarboxylation and can benefit from fast and heady effects.

Pre-rolls and bongs provide fuller and earthier flavors while vapes take a lot of the harshness away.

Bath Products

CBD bath bombs are all the rage right now and make for a beautiful gift. The only downside is that they can be very expensive and aren’t the best way to maximize those healthy compounds, but if you have some free time and spare flowers, you can make your own for a fraction of the price.

The easiest way is to toss the dried flowers into the bath, but bath bombs are easy to make as well. Simply combine baking soda with citric acid, Epsom salts, cornstarch, and essential oils.

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