Can You Order CBD Flower Through the Mail?

Hemp has been legal on a federal level for a few years now. It’s widely consumed throughout the United States and its popularity seems to be growing with each passing season. But there are still some misunderstandings and some consumers who don’t fully understand the legalities.

One of the main questions is whether or not it’s legal to ship CBD flowers through the mail. Fortunately, the answer is pretty clear and straightforward, and it’s something that we will address here.

Can You Order CBD Flower through the Mail?

If you are buying from a certified supplier, one that abides by the rules of the 2014 Farm Bill (along with the update published in 2018), then you can order CBD through the mail. It’s 100% legal because the CBD products you’re buying have been certified to contain less than 0.3% THC.

As a result, the flowers are legally defined as hemp and not cannabis, and this distinction is what makes them legal.

If the company is not certified, it’s a different story. In such cases, not only is it not legal for them to ship CBD products throughout the US, but they shouldn’t be stocking it or selling it either.

Can You Ship CBD Flower?

If you want to ship CBD flower to addresses across the United States, you need to be Farm Bill compliant or work with Farm Bill compliant growers. The hemp needs to be certified as containing less than 0.3% THC and there are several hoops to jump through before this can happen.

The rules differ depending on the service you use:

  1. USPS: You must sign a statement to certify that you are selling legal hemp flowers and have the documentation to prove it.
  2. DHL: You can ship if you meet all Farm Bill certifications, sell only legal hemp, and don’t use any markings that identify the package as containing hemp.
  3. UPS: You must be able to show where the hemp was grown, how it was processed, and who supplied it.

What About International Orders?

International rules are different from those in the United States, and this applies whether you are importing or exporting.

Let’s use Europe as an example.

You can technically order CBD flower from Europe, but only it is certified as organic and contains less than 0.3% THC. It essentially needs to meet the standards required of US-grown hemp.

If you are exporting CBD flower to Europe, you need to make sure it is grown legally in the US and that it meets the laws of the country you’re shipping to. Although we often consider all of Europe to be the same here in the United States, we’re talking about many different countries that have many different rules.

Some insist that all CBD products must have 0% THC, others make exceptions for hemp flowers but don’t allow them to be sold as smokable flowers. It’s why you’ll often see European brands selling hemp flowers as “hemp tea”.

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