Can You Mix CBD Flower with THC Flower?

The hemp industry has advanced at a phenomenal pace over the last few years, going from a relatively obscure industry shrouded in legal problems to one of the most lucrative crops in the United States. As a hemp flower smoker, you have more choice than ever and are completely free to smoke when and how you like.

If you live in a state like Colorado and enjoy the occasional THC flower as well, the choice is even greater, with a seemingly endless array of THC and CBD strains to choose from. That begs the question, though; can you mix these two flowers and, if so, why would you want to?

Can You Mix CBD Flowers and THC Flowers?

There is no harm in mixing these two flowers. In fact, you are reducing the risk of adverse effects when compared to smoking only THC flowers.

THC flowers often contain moderate amounts of CBD and moderate to high amounts of THC; CBD flowers contain high amounts of CBD and only trace amounts of THC.

Both of these compounds are very safe and easily tolerable by the vast majority of people, but high amounts of CBD are generally considered to be safer than high amounts of THC due to the side effects (paranoia, hallucinations, grogginess) associated with the latter. 

As a result, 1 gram of mixed flowers will yield less total THC than 1 gram of high-THC flowers, potentially reducing the risk of adverse effects. 

Why Would You Mix the Two?

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp at the federal level and since then, cultivators have been working hard to create stronger and more reliable strains. Some of these existed before the passing of the Farm Bill, but most strains, along with most of the industry’s advancements, have been created within the last few years.

You can now find strains that have over 20% CBD, a massive increase on the 3% or so found in many standard industrial strains.

With cannabis, those advancements have been happening for decades—most behind closed doors with only some being out in the open. Growers have been trying to create the highest yields and the strongest plants for years, and as a result, there are now strains containing over 30% THC.

That’s a lot of THC, far too much for some users. People who have been smoking cannabis since the 1970s are turning their backs on these potent strains, finding them to be too strong and hard-hitting and, as a result, seeking something milder and more akin to what they are used to.

Using less isn’t always the answer, and so many are combining CBD strains with THC ones, allowing them to maximize their smoke while balancing their THC consumption.

Reports on Reddit and cannabis/hemp forums state that just a few tokes of high-THC cannabis is enough to induce an unpleasant experience, but adding some CBD flowers to the mix may help balance this out. In this sense, the CBD may help reduce some of the side effects of THC while also allowing the user to smoke more and consume less.

Does This Really Work?

You could argue that it would make more sense to simply smoke less THC flower, but it doesn’t quite work that way.

Think of it in the context of beer vs. whiskey. Even if you consume the same quantity of alcohol, one will impact you differently than the other, as your body ingests and processes them at different rates. Whiskey is downed in a few sips, while beer may take several minutes. 

Combining these flowers gives you more product to smoke and more CBD to consume than if you were to simply add less THC flower to a bong or pipe.

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