A Guide to the Best Hemp Flower Grinders

A grinder is an important tool in the arsenal of any hemp flower smoker. Cheap, widely available, and incredibly useful, these little gadgets help to break down the flowers and make them easier to smoke.

What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

Grinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all using different methods and materials, but the basic idea is always the same. These tools contain teeth/blades that grind the flowers, turning dense nugs into a fine, smokable product.

Simply break up the buds using your hands, stuff the pieces into the chamber, replace the top, and start grinding. Generally, it takes only a few seconds and a dozen rotations to break down the buds, but it depends on the type of grinder.

Types of Hemp Flower Grinders

Before you think about value for money and materials, which we’ll discuss in a moment, you need to consider the type of grinder to buy, including:

5-Piece Hemp Flower Grinder

A 5-piece grinder contains a lid, grinding and storage containers, and two kief catchers. A kief catcher is a compartment that collects all of the sticky trichomes that fall from the flowers, allowing you to save, gather, and use these at a later date.

The kief falls through a specially developed mesh and is stored for later use in a lower chamber. If you’re grinding a lot of high-quality flowers and want to collect your own kief, a 5-piece grinder is ideal.

4-Piece Hemp Flower Grinder

A 4-piece is one of the most common grinder types and has everything that you need, including the grinder chamber, storage chamber, and a kief collector.

3-Piece Hemp Flower Grinder

A simple device that grinds the buds and collects the resulting product in a separate chamber. There is no kief collector, but that potent substance won’t go to waste as it will still collect in the storage chamber with the bud.

2-Piece Hemp Flower Grinder

The cheapest and simplest option, a 2-piece combines the grinding chamber and the storage chamber. It’s a very basic and somewhat fiddly tool, but it gets the job done.

Electric VS. Manual

Most grinders are manually operated. They are portable devices that you operate with your hand, turning the top until the flowers are sufficiently chopped. If you have a lot of flowers to grind and don’t have the dexterity or patience for manual turning, there are also electric options.

Often bigger and much more expensive, these grinders will prepare your flowers at the press of a button.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

There are several things to consider before purchasing a grinder:

The Material

Metal grinders are arguably the best type. They are stronger, more durable, easier to clean, and should last for years. The teeth are also sharper and the actions smoother, so metal grinders tend to be easier to use and often do a better job.

Of course, they’re also more expensive, and that’s something that needs to be factored into the equation as well.

Plastic grinders are the most common type and due to the abundance and versatility of this material, they’re also the cheapest. They don’t look great, though, and they are prone to breaking, sticking, and losing their efficiency. 

Wooden grinders are much more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, but they’re not very durable and won’t last long. Wood is porous and difficult to clean, which is a problem for a resinous substance like hemp flowers.

They might look good on your coffee table and alongside your novelty bong and hemp rolling papers, but you could be sacrificing durability in the long run.


You can pay anywhere from $10 to $200 for a grinder, depending on the material, brand, features, and aesthetics. 

As with any other cheap, mass-produced product, many are made for a few cents in China and simply don’t have the functionality or durability that you need. They are cheap, poorly made, and prone to breaking and sticking. 

On the other end of the scale, you have massively overpriced gadgets that promise fancy features, expensive materials, or premium branding in exchange for an eye-watering price tag. 

It’s not about price, it’s about value. Generally, you will struggle to get a well-made, long-lasting grinder for less than $20, but at $50+, you may be paying for features that don’t make much of a difference.

Other Considerations

You want a grinder that is easy to clean and store, as well as one that is portable enough to carry around. Mechanics and durability are also important, otherwise, you’ll be making a second purchase soon after your first.

Read reviews, see what other users are saying. Alternatively, take a look at our selection of the best grinders below.

The Best Hemp Flower Grinders

What follows is a list of our personal favorite hemp flower grinders, all made to a high standard and available for a reasonable price:

  • Mendo Mulcher: A premium grinder made from aircraft-grade aluminum and available for around $20. It’s portable and strong, making for a great travel accessory. 
  • Aerospaced Handled Grinder: A cute little grinder that comes with a handle and a clear top, allowing you to see the grinding process in action.
  • Iaso: A stainless steel 4-piece grinder with a sizeable price tag (around $130) and a high-quality build.
  • Phoenician: A medical-grade 4-piece grinder that costs around $50.
  • Kannastör: A large grinder with multiple storage compartments and two different grinding sizes, allowing for a “medium” or “fine” grind.

You can find most of these products on Amazon, but if you’re buying grinders on Amazon, look out for cheap and poorly made products and always check the reviews.

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