A Guide to The White CBG Hemp Flowers

The White is a CBG-heavy hybrid that serves as the perfect introduction to this magical cannabinoid.

If you’re looking for a CBD hemp flower, this is not it, but if you want to experiment with CBG or are already committed to the compound, it could be just what you’re looking for.

The White CBG Hemp Flower Review

The White is so-named because it produces very pale nugs. Of course, the leaves are not white, but it’s probably the palest green that you have ever seen on a hemp flower and it’s made even paler by a thin covering of trichomes.

Cannabinoid Content

At around 10%, the total cannabinoid content of The White CBG isn’t the best, but we’re talking about a compound that hasn’t been cultivated and explored as much as CBD, and although stronger CBG strains do exist, they are not as diverse.

Furthermore, once you combine these cannabinoids with the plant’s terpenes and flavanols, you benefit from the entourage effect, where all of those parts combine to create a stronger whole.

The White CBG Aroma and Flavors

The aromas of The White are best described as floral and fresh, as it lacks the intense sweetness, sourness, and citrusy flavors that you get from many popular CBD strains.

If you find most other strains to be too strong and skunky, leaving a bad taste in your mouth and bitterness at the back of your throat, you may find The White to be more suitable.

Benefits of The White CBG

Side effects can occur with all hemp strains. It might not be as strong as THC, but it’s not uncommon to feel groggy or to experience headaches and dry eyes following a heavy smoking session. However, CBG side effects are very rare, more so than CBD and CBN, and when consumed in moderation, it produces very relaxing and uplifting effects.

The White CBG is perfect as a daytime strain.

It’s not an insomnia-buster and won’t give you the sort of energy that you get from CBD strains like Lifter, but it’s balanced, it’s mild, and it has a lot of therapeutic potential.

Closing Thoughts

CBG has been dubbed the “next big thing” in the hemp/cannabinoid industry.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be as big as CBD. In fact, CBG’s time is already here, as there are a growing number of potent strains out there.

The White is definitely one of the best of these strains. It might be overtaken in time, at which point it will be relegated to OG status as we see bigger, better, and stronger varietals take over, but until then (and even after then) it remains a very useful and worthwhile option.

If you want to try CBG for the first time, we recommend picking up some The White smokable flowers.

It’s a great introduction to this cannabinoid and you’ll be able to judge how sensitive you are to the compound and whether or not it is beneficial for you.

It’s not exactly cheap, as it’s not produced in huge quantities, but you can find some top-shelf flowers for around $7 per gram if you buy in quantities of 3.5 grams or more.

You can also buy sample packs from several major hemp dispensaries.

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