A Guide to Sour Cheese Hemp Flowers

Sour Cheese is as distinctive and dank as a hemp strain can get. It was bred to keep CBD levels high and THC levels low, but the minds behind this strain also wanted to produce something that was instantly recognizable both in terms of aroma and flavor. 

Sour Cheese Hemp Flower Review

They did this by breeding Cheese with Sour Diesel, combining the cheesiness of the former with the gassy, sour, and heady aromas of the latter.

There are some suggestions that Strawberry Diesel was involved in its creation and experts are still a little uncertain about its exact origins, but regardless of where it came from, it’s a remarkable and unforgettable varietal.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Content

Myrcene and Caryophyllene provide the usual flavors of earth and fruit, but these tend to be overridden by much stronger terpenes like Pinene, which is where many of the gassy and sour flavors come from.

The cannabinoid content varies depending on the phenotype, but most strains deliver around 18% total cannabinoids and close to 15% CBD.

Sour Cheese Aroma and Flavors

The name “Sour Cheese” conjures images of rotten cheese—a mush of inedible moldy cheese that you definitely don’t want to layer into your sandwiches or grate onto your pasta. In hemp terms, though, the imagery is much more appealing, suggesting gassy, skunky, cheesy, and dank flavors, all of which are delivered in abundance.

It’s one of those rare strains where the name suits it perfectly, as it really does smell like rancid cheese. That may not sound very alluring, but there is a complexity to it that makes you curious and keeps you wanting more. 

It’s the same story with its flavors, which are just as pungent and almost rancid, but with added layers of sweetness, bitterness, and earthiness that make for a very pleasant experience overall.

If you tend to lean more toward sweet and fruity strains like Berry Blossom and you’re not a big fan of sour, cheesy, and gassy strains, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re an experienced smoker who enjoys strong and sour hemp flowers, Sour Cheese is perfect.

Benefits of Sour Cheese Hemp Flowers

Sour Cheese is more uplifting than sedating, as you would expect for such a heady and hard-hitting strain. It can be used as a social strain and could also perk you up before completing chores or committing to a creative project.

Many users have highlighted the strain’s painkilling properties and have also noted its potential to boost the mood while calming the body. Everyone responds differently though, so if you’re not sure how you will react and don’t have any experience with smokable hemp flowers, take an evening to start slow by enjoying a few tokes to see how its effects mix with your tolerance.

Closing Thoughts: Sour Cheese Hemp Flowers

One would have to look long and hard to find anyone who dislikes this strain. Sour Cheese is one of the industry’s most popular creations and while it’s not as abundant as some other strains, it’s highly sought-after and always seems to sell well.

We scoured the internet for user reviews and found people stating that Sour Cheese was “life-changing,” “very yummy,” and “surprisingly powerful.” If you like sour strains that lift your mood and leave their mark both physically and mentally, make sure you pick up some smokable Sour Cheese flowers the next time your local dispensary has stock.

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