A Guide to Kush Hemp Flowers

OG Kush is the original, the best—it’s the one that started it all. This old-school strain is the grandfather of many high-CBD hemp strains and its reputation is unmatched. It has been around for a long time and while the exact heritage is unknown, we do know that it was born from a marriage of Hindu Kush, along with an unknown Californian variety.

Kush Hemp Flower Review

If big nugs and buds are what you’re looking for, Kush could be the strain for you. It produces massive hemp flowers with thick and plentiful leaves and a flourish of orange and red hairs. With an appearance that is backed by some impressive aromas, they’re distinct enough to stand out on any shelf, making for some remarkable hemp flowers.

Kush Aroma and Flavors

Burnt wood, sharp citrus, and dried grass dominate the aroma profile of this classic strain. Some of these elements shine through when you fill your lungs with that thick and creamy smoke.

It’s a classic flavor, nothing as exciting and distinctive as some newer strains, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. 

Benefits of Kush Hemp Flowers

Kush floods your senses, filling your head with a dizzying concoction of earthy flavors and leaving your mind relaxed and your body at ease. It’s not completely sedating, however, as you will remain in control and can still perform basic tasks and chores.

In that sense, it’s more of a mood enhancer and a mild relaxant, one that can brighten your mood and make any stressful situation more bearable. 

Closing Thoughts: Kush Hemp Flowers

Kush is not the most productive of hemp plants and, considering its size, it yields a fairly modest quantity of flowers. It’s also quite difficult to cultivate and needs an experienced hand and some optimal conditions. As a result, OG Kush hemp flowers are not as common as you would expect for such an established strain.

If you find it, you’ll need to pay through the nose—scarcity and complexity make Kush an expensive strain! Still, while it’s not the cheapest, strongest, or most flavorful, Kush is worth trying for its history alone. We recommend picking up some nugs the next time you find them in your local dispensary.

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