A Guide to Green Gum Hemp Flowers

Green Gum is a very mild hemp strain, but don’t dismiss it just yet as it has a host of beneficial effects and enjoyable flavors.

Green Gum Hemp Flower Review

The parentage of the Green Gum strain is somewhat unknown but it’s a popular choice and its heritage seems to lean more toward Indica.

Cannabinoid Content

Although it’s often described as a balanced CBG and CBD strain, Green Gum hemp flowers actually lean more toward CBD.

They contain between 11% and 13% of this cannabinoid on average, with between 2% and 3% CBG.

That’s still a decent amount, though, as it’s rare for a high-CBD strain to contain more than trace amounts of CBG.

Green Gum Aroma and Flavors

If you’re not a big fan of sour and gassy strains, Green Gum could be just what you’re looking for.

It’s earthy and slightly piney, but it lacks the tongue-tingling sourness of Lemon Drop and Sour Space Candy.

In fact, the flavors and aromas are very mild on the whole, with only subtle notes of sweetness breaking through the moderate grassy and earthy tones.

Terpene Profile

Myrcene and Pinene provide the main aromas and flavors in Green Gum hemp flowers.

These compounds are found in everything from pine needles to mangoes and hops, delivering earthy, sweet, woody, and piney flavors.

They may also be the root of the plant’s supposed health benefits and effects.

Individually, these compounds have anti-inflammatory effects and could help with everything from insomnia to joint pain.

Combined, they provide something known as the entourage effect, which is where those famous hemp benefits come from.

Benefits of Green Gum Hemp Flowers

A Green Gum-packed joint could help to stimulate your appetite, ease your anxiety, and help you sleep soundly.

It’s not a potent strain and won’t knock you out or give you a burst of energy, but it does strike a balance between these two effects.

It may eradicate your brain fog and boost your creativity. It has also been used as a social smoke, alleviating social anxiety and boosting your mood.

Closing Thoughts: Green Gum Hemp Flowers

Green Gum hemp flowers are not pungent or potent.

They often lack the aromas and flavors associated with other strains and, as a result, are marketed at more inexperienced users and those who don’t enjoy the usual tastes and effects associated with CBD hemp strains.

That’s not to say that you should dismiss the strain if you’re a veteran smoker who enjoys stronger flavors, but you shouldn’t purchase them expecting something hard-hitting and memorable.

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