A Guide to Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flowers

The name Cherry Blossom instantly conjures images of a fresh, sweet, and floral flavors.

The strain is named for its lineage, which includes Berry Blossom and Cherry Pie, but there are also some similarities with the national flower of Japan.

Cherry Blossom hemp flowers are quite rare, much more than you might expect. As a result, they can be hard to find.

The question is, if you do stumble on some flowers in your local dispensary, should you pick up a gram or two?

Let’s find out.

Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower Review

The exact history of Cherry Blossom is relatively unknown, and its Berry Blossom and Cherry Pie heritage is basically just an educated guess.

It has also been speculated that Cherry Blossom’s heritage includes Harle Tsu and some list its genetics as being Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom, which is definitely a possibility.

In any case, this mixture of strains creates a wealth of fruit flavors, high levels of CBD, and beautifully-colored nugs.

Cherry Blossom Aroma and Flavors

Once you inhale the deliciously sweet scents of Cherry Blossom, you’ll detect the Berry Blossom lineage.

It produces an intense berry aroma—sweet, strong, and floral. There is a subtle hit of cherry, as well, almost like a sweet perfume or sugary cordial.

The smoke can be a little harsh with that first drag, but the harshness fades quickly and you’ll detect notes of berry, citrus, skunk, and floral as the smoke leaves your lungs.

Benefits of Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is considered to be a slow-acting hemp flower strain, one that takes its time to take hold and lacks the immediacy of many heavier and headier strains.

You may need to take a few more tokes and wait a little longer to feel the desired effects.

Initially, you’ll feel a sense of relaxation that crawls up your legs and leaves a light and calm sensation all over your body.

There is a slight mental effect, one that sends your anxieties packing and could boost your creativity, but it’s definitely not a couch-lock strain.

Closing Thoughts

Many of the dispensaries that sell these flowers seem to have grown them outdoors and most of the ones we found were out of stock.

In fact, one of them states that it has sold over 7800 “units” of Cherry Blossom hemp flower in the last 30 days, suggesting that consumers are intrigued enough to buy in volume when it is in stock.

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