A Guide to Cherry 5 Hemp Flowers

The Indica-dominant Cherry #5 has gained a large following among hemp smokers, praised for its varied terpene profile and sweet flavors. 

Bred to produce high levels of CBD, this hemp strain was first produced in Colorado and continues to thrive in the state’s rich soil.

Cherry 5 CBD Hemp Flower Review

Cherry #5 is the archetypical hemp flower and is as striking and distinctive as a hemp flower can be. It blends vibrant greens with flecks of golden orange, although some phenotypes are darker than others and the colors can vary.

The flowers are coated in a thick layer of trichomes, and these crystalline hairs are much more abundant on Cherry #5 than they are on other Cherry strains. 

These beautiful little hairs are where the strain gets its pungency and potency, and they’re also the thing that makes Cherry #5 such a popular choice with oil producers.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Content

Cherry #5 delivers around 15% to 16% CBD on average and its terpenes include a mixture of sweet, earthy, woody, and floral notes. These include the citrusy Limonene, which is commonly found in lemon rinds; the fruity Farnesene, found in apple skins; and the earthy Myrcene, which is in everything from mango and melon to hops and lemongrass.

Cherry 5 Aroma and Flavors

As you would expect, Cherry #5 has some sweet and fragrant flavors, with distinctive notes of cherry and wood. It doesn’t deliver the synthetic, super-sweet flavor of cherry candy, but it does provide the earthy, floral notes of underripe fruit or a cherry tree in bloom. 

The sweetness is mellow, subtle, and tends to be overpowered by its earthier and woodier notes, both in aroma and flavor.

Benefits of Cherry 5 Hemp Flowers

The effects of Cherry #5 hemp flowers are as subtle and gentle as its flavors. If you’re expecting to be knocked out and locked to the couch, this is not the strain for you. If you’re looking for something that is mildly relaxing and slightly uplifting, something that can be used as a daytime strain, it’s perfect.

For that reason, Cherry #5 is often recommended for beginners. 

Closing Thoughts: Cherry 5 Hemp Flowers

If you’re new to high-CBD hemp strains and want a gentle introduction, one that is sweet, smooth, and not overpowering, pick up some smokable Cherry #5 hemp flowers today. 

The flowers sell for between $5 and $7 per gram on average, so you can get a large quantity of top-shelf, high-quality smokables without breaking the bank.

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