A Guide to Chardonnay CBD Hemp Flowers

First bred by High Grade Hemp Seeds, Chardonnay is a sweet, floral, and fragrant strain influenced by the white wine of the same name. Its unique flavors stem from its Cherry Wine and Black Rose heritage. 

It’s a reliable, resilient, high-yield hemp plant and it has been one of HGH’s biggest sellers since 2016.

Chardonnay CBD Hemp Flower Review

Chardonnay hemp flowers are relatively easy to produce. Its high-quality genetics allow for a bumper crop every harvest while promising up to 3,000 plants per acre. 

As a result, Chardonnay flowers are available in dozens of dispensaries across the United States and have been used to produce everything from premium pre-rolls to CBD tinctures, edibles, and more.

Cannabinoid Content

According to High Grade Hemp Seed, Chardonnay delivers just under 10% CBD, but the actual content will depend on the specific phenotype and many producers attain much higher levels. 

It’s a certified strain, so there should be no issue with regard to the THC content, and it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid, which means it leans more toward relaxing and sedating effects.

Chardonnay Aroma and Flavors

The Cherry Wine heritage of Chardonnay makes itself known from the very first sniff.  It’s unmistakable—like unripe cherries. This subtle sweetness is carried on a wave of earthy, musky, and woody notes, and you’ll also detect aromas of cheese, berries, and pepper.

Once you take a drag, you’ll reveal flavors of candied berries and sugary jam, albeit with a strong aftertaste of sour candy, diesel, and burnt wood.

Terpene Profile

You’ll find moderate levels of four different terpenes in Chardonnay hemp flowers: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Bisabolol, and Guaiol. It provides an aromatic bouquet of aromas, including notes of earth, spice, wood, and pine.

If recent research is to be believed, these terpenes could help to reduce inflammation, ease joint pain, improve mental alertness, and even reduce the risk of cancer. Don’t get your hopes up, though, because most of these benefits, including the cancer one, are based on high concentrations of terpenes administered under strict laboratory conditions.

Additionally, if you’re getting your dose of healthy compounds by smoking plant matter, many of the antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits that they provide will be offset by the inhalation of harmful smoke.

Benefits of Chardonnay Hemp Flowers

Chardonnay provides a balance of effects. It is relaxing without being overly sedating and while it will help you focus, it won’t increase your alertness to the same degree as Lifter, Sour Space Candy, and other stimulating strains.

The effects are subtle but noticeable, and that makes Chardonnay a good choice for novice smokers. Of course, it all depends on the user, the phenotype, and the dose; everyone responds differently, and you may notice stronger or weaker effects. 

It may not even impact you at all!

Closing Thoughts: Chardonnay Hemp Flowers 

Chardonnay hemp flowers have a very strong and distinctive aroma and you’ll detect many of the same notes when you take your first drag. Be sure to store your flavors in an air-tight jar if you want to prolong those aromas and keep the nugs fresh for weeks.

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