A Guide to CBD Therapy Hemp Flowers

CBD Therapy is somewhat of an enigma and very little is known about its heritage. We do know, however, that it was bred for its therapeutic effects, and there is no shortage of users willing to endorse these effects. 

CBD Therapy Hemp Flower Review

As with all hemp strains, the CBD content of Therapy can vary greatly. If you stick with legally cultivated hemp, it will remain within legal guidelines for THC, but whether that means 0.05% or 0.3% depends on the specific phenotype.

Terpene levels can also vary, although CBD Therapy tends to lean toward fruity and earthy compounds like Myrcene and spicy terpenes like Caryophyllene. It’s fresh, smooth, and full of flavor. Not quite like a Berry Blossom or Cherry Wine, but enjoyable, nonetheless.

Benefits of CBD Therapy Hemp Flowers

As a medicinal strain, CBD Therapy is best used to cure aches, pains, and persistent headaches. It could also help with the management of epilepsy and chronic nausea, although everyone reacts differently and hemp flowers have not been officially approved for these ailments.

The strain doesn’t hit hard and lacks the potent sedative qualities found with other varieties. It’s relaxing and may help with stress, anxiety, and depression, but it’s not a knockout strain, which is great news for medicinal users.

Closing Thoughts: CBD Therapy Hemp Flowers

If you’re using hemp to cure persistent ailments, you need something that you can smoke throughout the day, won’t knock you out, and will provide all of the soothing, pain-killing properties you seek.

CBD Therapy ticks all of those boxes.

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