A Guide to Bubble Gum Hemp Flowers

Bubble Gum is a classic award-winning strain that has been surprising and impressing smokers for years. 

The exact history of Bubble Gum is somewhat unknown, but it has been carefully managed and stabilized by TH Seeds. 

Even the origin of the name has been debated, with most attributing it to its sweet, mouthwatering aromas and others suggesting that nugs would be stuck under bar tables (just like bubblegum) to tip bartenders.

Bubble Gum Hemp Flower Review

With an impressive CBD to THC ratio, Bubble Gum hemp flowers are a potent force in the legal hemp industry. They regularly deliver more than 20% CBD, with no higher than 0.2% THC on average.

These frosty little nugs display brown and orange hairs nestled between bright green leaves.

Bubble Gum Aroma and Flavors

As its name suggests, Bubble Gum hemp flowers deliver noticeably sweet flavors, with many comparing it to Bazooka. It’s that classic and unmistakable bubble gum flavor, one that you can’t quite put your finger on and one that everyone appreciates.

The flavor that we all know and love is actually a combination of fruit esters, which are chemicals that smell like fruit. Bubble Gum hemp mostly works in the same way, as it brings together multiple sweet, fruity, sour, and floral compounds to create an enjoyable concoction.

One whiff and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about!

Benefits of Bubble Gum Hemp Flowers

As a hybrid strain, Bubble Gum provides a balance of relaxing and uplifting effects. With smaller doses, you’ll notice more of a clear-headed and high-focused effect, one that will allow you to continue with your day and even complete a few chores. 

In the beginning, you’ll feel an immediate sense of clarity that pushes all those stresses and anxieties away, and once the effects take hold, a full-body euphoria will take over.

With larger doses, you may experience more sedative effects and possibly even couch lock, but tolerance comes into play as well.

It’s a relatively well-balanced strain, but one that is best saved for the evening.

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