A Guide to Bruce Banner Hemp Flower

Bruce Banner hemp was named for the superhero of the same name.

It’s the alter-ego of The Incredible Hulk, a big green monster that possesses an immense amount of strength and a lot of character.

In many ways, it’s the perfect name for an equally strong and impactful hemp flower.

The question is, does the Bruce Banner hemp flower deserve that description?

Bruce Banner Hemp Flower Reviewed

Although Bruce Banner hemp flowers are quite rare, they’re worth picking up when you find them.

They produce big, bulky, and bright green buds, not unlike the Avenger after which it is named.

It’s a Sativa-dominant strain that was bred from a mixture of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, two powerfully fruity and sour strains that make for a sumptuous combination.

Cannabinoid Content

The CBD content of Bruce Banner varies considerably.

We found some phenotypes with just 11-13% CBD and around 15% total cannabinoids.

It’s more common for these flowers to contain over 20% total cannabinoids, however, making for a big hit of CBD.

Flavors and Effects

The Strawberry Diesel lineage of Bruce Banner shines through in the aroma and the flavor.

It produces a pungent gassy fragrance that fills the senses and catches at the back of your throat.

It’s smoky, gassy, cheesy, and deep, and it’s enhanced by tones of fruit and candy, as well as many nutty tones.

Bruce Banner Hemp Flower Summary

Bruce Banner promises to awaken the big green monster inside of you.

That might have been true for the cannabis variant, but the legal hemp strain doesn’t hit quite as hard.

It’s not bad, and it’s definitely not weak, but there are more flavor strains out there.

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