A Guide to Boax Hemp Flowers

The famous Boax strain has been cultivated across the United States and used to create many other memorable varieties, including the sweet and fragrant Boax Bubblegum.

Boax hemp flowers are the product of Hindu Kush and Otto II heritage, a strong and varied parentage. 

The Hindu Kush strain is named after a mountain range of the same name, the same one that Alexander the Great traversed in 329 BCE when he moved his great army into the Indian Subcontinent. As for Otto II, it’s a hybrid developed in Colorado by Ben Holmes, the owner of Centennial Seeds. 

Boax blends the deep, rich, and woody flavors of classic Pakistan/Afghanistan hemp with the unique potency of modern US varietals.

Boax CBD Hemp Flower Review

As a hybrid strain, Boax hemp flowers strike a fine balance between Indica and Sativa, possessing properties of both. The strain emits strong woody scents and, depending on the phenotype, it can switch between energetic and sedating effects.

The flowers are small but dense, and their deep green hues are streaked with oranges, purples, and yellows.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Content

The cannabinoid content of Boax hemp flowers varies depending on the phenotype but they typically have around 16% to 18% CBD, with less than 0.3% THC.

It’s typically a very grassy, earthy, and woody strain. These notes are provided by high concentrations of Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Guaiol, and Farnesene.

Boax Aroma and Flavors

Boax’s most dominant flavors are grassy and woody, with notes of earth, sandalwood, and pine. You may notice some sweet aromas as well, but it’s not as fragrant, sweet, and citrusy as many other CBD strains. 

Some users have reported notes of baked bread and other doughy treats, suggesting it’s not all grass and wood.

Benefits of Boax Hemp Flowers

Compounds like Farnesene and Pinene have shown some promise in the field of cancer treatment and possess strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. As for Myrcene, it may help with relaxation and could prove to be an effective muscle relaxant.

Combine these terpenes with high levels of CBD and you get something known as the entourage effect, whereby multiple beneficial compounds converge to create a whole that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

As a hybrid, Boax’s effects are a mix of energetic and sedating. It will help you relax in a way that is not completely numbing and won’t cloud your focus. It’s ideal if you have some work to finish or studies to complete but you’re feeling a little pent-up and anxious.

Closing Thoughts: Boax Hemp Flowers 

Unlike Sour Space Candy, Lemon Drops, and other punchy strains, the flavors of Boax are not unique or particularly pungent. It’s very earthy, woody, and pretty much as you would expect.

However, once you consider its high levels of CBD and varied terpene profile, it’s a strain that’s well worth bearing in mind. Smokable Boax hemp flowers are also affordable, costing anywhere from $5 to $8 per gram depending on the quality.

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