A Guide to Blue Dream Hemp Flowers

Blue Dream is a cross between the Haze and Blueberry strains, which is where its alternative name “Azure Haze” comes from. 

Although we know about the strain’s genetics, very little is known about its origin. It’s one of several varietals that is a complete enigma despite its prevalence and popularity.

What we do know, however, is that Blue Dream was first grown in California and continues to thrive under the Golden State’s year-round sunshine.

Blue Dream CBD Hemp Flower Review

Despite what its name might suggest, Blue Dream hemp flowers don’t possess a strong purple or blue tinge. They tend to display a very rich and deep green color flecked with golden hairs. 

The buds are dense, neatly compact, and very frosty, making this a good strain for producing smokable hemp flowers as well as oil and kief.

Cannabinoid Content

Blue Dream is a high-CBD strain that delivers approximately 16% of this cannabinoid, depending on the brand and cultivation methods. You won’t get much in the way of CBG and other cannabinoids, but if you’re looking for some high-CBD California-grown hemp flowers, you can’t go wrong with this strain.

Blue Dream Aroma and Flavors

As you would expect of a strain with rich blueberry heritage, Blue Dream has notes of sweet blueberry and bitter citrus. It’s a balance of sweet and sour; floral and fragrant, and it is somewhat reminiscent of Sour Space Candy and Special Sauce, albeit without the pungency that these strains are famous for.

You’ll notice aromas of earth and wood, and upon taking a drag you’ll be hit with that combination of sweet and sour, beginning with notes of blueberry juice and moving into bitter lemon rind. Throughout all of this, there are undertones of earth that can overpower the more subtle flavors.

If you like your hemp flowers a little sweeter and milder, trying vaping instead. It will remove some of the harsher flavors and provide you with a smoother and milder experience.

Terpene Profile

Blue Dream hemp flowers are often used in terpene extractions and there are numerous producers selling concentrated Blue Dream terpenes. 

It has a relatively unique and flavorful profile, and if recent research is to be believed, many of these compounds, including Myrcene, Limonene, and Linalool, could also provide a variety of health benefits. 

The most dominant terpenes in Blue Dream are Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene, but others are found in trace amounts.

Benefits of Blue Dream Hemp Flowers

Smoking Blue Dream hemp flowers produces an all-over relaxation effect. It’s neither stimulating nor sedating and seems to fall somewhere in the middle—perking you up while taking the edge off. 

Depending on your mood or energy levels, it could lean more towards one or the other, but many users report very balanced effects overall.

It’s often best enjoyed during the day when your stress levels are at their peak and you need something to help you unwind. It may also help with nighttime relaxation, but don’t expect it to knock you off your feet and send you to sleep as easily as some other high-CBD strains.

Closing Thoughts: Blue Dream Hemp Flowers 

The name “Blue Dream” evokes images of dark flowers, dreamy smoke, and sweet flavors, and that’s exactly what you’re getting with this strain. It’s one of the best hemp varietals to come out of California, and its sweet, bitter, and fragrant terpene profile can even give the likes of Special Sauce and Suver Haze a run for their money.

Try some smokable Blue Dream hemp flowers today to see what all the fuss is about. We recommend purchasing a top-shelf variety and smoking a bong or two to chill out in the evening.

It also works really well in joints and vapes, with the latter providing a smoother and cleaner smoke.

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