A Guide to Bleugenius Hemp Flowers

Bleugenius is a relatively new hemp strain bred by the experts at Eugenius, an Oregon-based producer based in the bountiful Willamette Valley. Sativa-dominant and loaded with CBD, this varietal is quickly gaining popularity with both medicinal and recreational users. You can find Bleugenius hemp flowers and pre-rolls in many west coast dispensaries.

Bleugenius vs. Blue Genius

Although the majority of US hemp strains were bred within the last decade or so, many are a complete mystery, and little is known about their genetics. The same is true for Bleugenius CBD, but the enigma extends beyond its genetics and even its name is a little confusing.

We’ve seen it referred to as “Bleugenius,” Bleu Genius,” and “Blue Genius.” The first, although it looks like a typo of the second, seems to be the most common and actually means the same thing, albeit in French. 

As far as we can tell, Bleugenius is also how Eugenius refers to the strain and it’s the name used by most growers, so it’s the one we’ll opt for in this smokable flower guide.

Bluegenius Hemp Flowers

Bleugenius hemp flowers have a noticeable blue tinge, but if you’re expecting vibrant blue buds, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Still, don’t let that distract you from what is otherwise a very attractive offering, with a thick coating of crystal trichomes and some very dense buds.

The CBD content averages around 17%-18%, and you’ll find these hemp flowers growing on some of the best farms in Oregon.

Bluegenius Aroma and Flavors

Sweet fruits, fragrant herbs, bitter lemons—all of these aromas and more will fill the room when you first break the seal. It’s a delightful concoction provided by a variety of pungent terpenes, but unfortunately, many of those subtle fragrances are lost when you take your first drag.

At this point, your senses will be filled with notes of burnt wood, freshly-cut grass, and wet leaves. It’s earthy, it’s strong, and it’s probably the last thing you’re expecting. It’s not exactly disappointing, but it’s not overly pleasant either.

Those earthy flavors don’t detract from the benefits, though, which is where you’ll find the true potential of Bleugenius.

Benefits of Bluegenius Hemp Flowers

Bleugenius is praised for its medicinal qualities and is said to help with everything from nausea and headaches to aches, pains, and insomnia. It’s a therapeutic strain, but it’s also much more than that.

The effects begin with mild sedation and a wave of uplifting euphoria. You’ll feel all of those negative thoughts vanish and your mindset will improve, preparing you for a day of chores and stressful tasks, or an evening playing games, chatting with friends, or watching TV.

It’s this versatility, in combination with the medicinal effects, that makes Bleugenius such a popular strain.

Closing Thoughts: Bluegenius Hemp Flowers

Despite the confusion about its name and heritage, one thing is clear: Bleugenius is an excellent strain for beginners and veterans alike. It’s a worthwhile addition to any stash, so the next time you see some Bleugenius hemp flowers in your local dispensary, be sure to add them to your cart.

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