Hemp Flower Strains

Everyone wants to know what are the best hemp strains. The answer is: It depends.

Are you looking to feel a little mellow? Do you want to lower your stress levels? Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

The results you are looking for from the hemp flower is going to dictate which strain is best for you. We have cataloged and profiled more than 60 hemp strains to help you make the best choice for you.

A Guide to Sweetened Hemp Flowers

The name “Sweetened” conjures images of sugar-laden treats and desserts—maybe a glass of iced tea or your favorite soda. This is an image that perfectly suits the Sweetened hemp strain, as it tastes like candied orange peels and fruit-flavored hard candies.  The strain is derived from a combination of Otto II and Cherry. The former …

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A Guide to Sapphire Hemp Flowers

Sapphires are beautiful blue gems known for their striking color and exceptional hardness—harder than steel, but not quite on par with diamonds. Sapphire hemp flowers are not quite as tough (which is great news for your grinder!) but they can be just as distinctive and beautiful. Sapphire hemp has a rich heritage that combines the …

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A Guide to Fiona Hemp Flowers

The 2018 Farm Bill changed the hemp industry overnight. It was the catalyst for a massive influx of new strains, pushing CBD levels higher and creating more advanced and unique terpene profiles. Fiona is a great example, as it delivers a massive dose of CBD and promises rich flavors and beautifully colored buds. Fiona Hemp …

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A Guide to CBG OG Hemp Flowers

CBD has dominated the legal hemp industry ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed. It’s the cannabinoid that everyone wants, from the breeders that create CBD-heavy strains to the users that smoke, vape, and consume it by the ounce. It’s a craze that’s still alive and well, and it’s one that is always growing. …

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A Guide to Magic Bullet Hemp Flowers

Magic Bullet produces small but powerful nugs that are full of flavor and cannabinoids. It’s an aptly named strain that is grown predominantly in Colorado, Illinois, and South Carolina. Produced by combining The Wife and Otto II, two incredibly strong and reliable varietals, Magic Bullet is a comforting, hard-hitting, and highly therapeutic strain that never …

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A Guide to Solomatic Hemp Flowers

The Solomatic hemp strain is thought to hail from the illustrious Diesel line, although its exact origin is somewhat of a mystery and it doesn’t share many qualities with this very sour family tree. It’s a high-CBD strain with incredibly low levels of THC and some soothing, calming effects that get the job done without …

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