Organic CBD Nugs Review

LA-Based Organic CBD Nugs ships hemp flowers and CBD products to customers across the United States. It has a wide range of products for sale, all of which are sourced from US-grown organic hemp that has been tested for purity and potency.

About Organic CBD Nugs

Like all good CBD retailers, Organic CBD Nugs is a big advocate for CBD and for the industry in general. Its blog contains a wealth of guides on the benefits of CBD, terpenes, and the entourage effect, along with guides on state-by-state legislation, rolling tips, and more.

Its products are available in retail and wholesale quantities and can be purchased directly through the secure Organic CBD Nugs website.

Hemp Flower Varietals

All hemp flowers at Organic CBD Nugs are available in quantities ranging from 1 gram to ½ lb. and are subject to availability. You’ll pay $7.99 on average for a single gram, but the more you order, the less you spend, equating to around $5 a gram for orders of 7 grams and $3.20 for orders of an ounce.

All strains are classified as “top-shelf,” a term used to denote the best of the best. It’s a label that has been used freely and even falsely in the past, but Organic CBD Nugs has the numbers to back up its claims.

Every strain is guaranteed to be 100% organic and lab-tested for purity. All are hand-trimmed and grown in Oregon, and because they have less than 0.3% THC, they are legal across the United States.

The strains include:

  • Lifter CBD: An uplifting, energy-boosting strain that contains close to 19% CBD. It has a unique citrusy aroma provided by high levels of the terpene known as Limonene, and it is popular with daytime smokers.
  • Hawaiian Haze CBD: An appropriately named varietal packed with tropical terpenes and delivering flavors of pineapple, papaya, and mango. It has more than 19% CBD and may help to alleviate anxiety.
  • Pineberry CBD: At around 16.8% CBD, this is a potent strain that is heavy on a terpene called α-Pinene. Not only does this compound impart a strong “piney” aroma, but it has also been linked to a host of health benefits, with a strong anti-inflammatory action that could benefit the mind and body.
  • Elektra CBD: A combination of two popular strains: Early Resin Berry and ACDC. Elektra has high levels of Myrcene, a terpene that may increase the effects of certain cannabinoids and is also thought to have painkilling properties, and close to 17% CBD.
  • Sour Space Candy CBD: A mixture of sweet and sour flavors and 16% CBD. Sour Candy was developed in Oregon from a mixture of Early Resin Bud and Sour Tsunami.
  • Special Sauce CBD: A spicy, hoppy, floral mix of terpenes with over 17% CBD. Special Sauce is uniquely complex, triggering mild feelings of sedation without the couch-lock provided by other strains.

If you’re not sure which option is right for you, Organic CBD Nugs has a sampler pack with 6 jars of all 6 strains. These sampler jars are available in 1 gram or 3.5 gram batches. It’s not the most cost-effective way to enjoy this brand’s hemp flowers, but it gives you a chance to sample their half-dozen varietals.

For a readymade smokable, take a look at the Organic CBD Nugs pre-rolls. They are available in singles, 5-packs, and 20-packs, and contain 1 gram each. Simply open the single-serving container, stick the pre-roll between your lips, and enjoy!

Pre-rolls are available in the same 6 strains, and there is a sampler pack containing one of each.

Other Products Sold by Organic CBD Nugs

If hemp flowers aren’t your thing, or you want something to supplement your smoke, Organic CBD Nugs also sells a range of edibles, oils, and more. Some of its more interesting products include dark chocolate made from 70% cacao and 200mg full spectrum CBD, as well as CBD Moon Rocks.

Moon Rocks combine hemp kief, CBD concentrate, and hemp flower, creating hard balls of terpene-loaded rocks that can be smoked. They resemble hemp flowers, contain hemp flowers, and are a similar price, but it all comes down to preference. Many users seem to prefer flowers, but we recommend trying moon rocks if you’re looking for something different.

Hemp kief, CBD concentrates, CBD isolates, and CBD tinctures are also available, and if you’re short on paraphernalia, you can pick up some rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, pipes, and grinders.

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