CBD Hemp Direct Review

CBD Hemp Direct is a large online store selling a wide selection of hemp flowers, along with a host of extracts, edibles, and other CBG/CBD products.

Quantity, price, and quality vary from strain to strain. You’ll also find hand-trimmed whole flowers, shake, smalls, and even untrimmed whole flowers. There’s a lot to choose from, so we recommend keeping the below descriptions in mind and if you’re not sure, pick up a sample pack.

Hemp Flower Varietals

CBD Hemp Direct has one of the widest selections of hemp flowers we have seen. You can take your pick of fruity, sour, and woody strains—all delivering high levels of CBD or CBG. There are even multiple versions of popular strains, ensuring that you have plenty of choices when looking for your next smoke.

CBD Flowers

Choose from sample packs, bulk bags, regular discount deals, and more—a great way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. CBD Hemp Direct’s range is truly extraordinary and it’s changing all the time, but we have listed the most popular options below to help you find the right one for you.

  • Honolulu Haze: Fruity, tropical, and potent—just what you need to kick-back during an evening.
  • Sour Lifter: A gassy, sour version of an uplifting strain. It’s a favorite among many hemp smokers and never fails to deliver.
  • Acapulco Gold: A strong greenhouse-grown varietal with over 19% CBD.
  • Jazzy Kush: A massive 24% CBD content makes this one of the strongest strains available at CBD Hemp Direct.
  • Berry Exotic: A Sativa-dominant strain with around 18% CBD.
  • Cherry Kush: With twice as many terpenes as usual, Cherry Kush flowers are incredibly potent.
  • Jazzy Zkittlez: Delivers nearly 19% CBD alongside a fruity terpene profile that is dominated by Caryophyllene and Bisabolol.
  • Sour Special Sauce: A sharp, tangy, and super sour strain that was available at a deep discount when we conducted this review.
  • Sunset Road Sherbet: Energizing and uplifting, with over 20% CBD and aromas of musk and earth.
  • Casino Cookies: An odd name for a great strain, Casino Cookies will help you to relax without locking you to the couch.
  • Juicy Fruit: As delicious as it sounds, just like tropical-flavored chewing gum.
  • Trap Star: A mild and chilling strain with between 14% and 15% CBD.
  • Charlotte’s Sauce: Aromas of sweet orange, burnt wood, and fragrant chamomile tea combine in this saucy strain.
  • Tangie: Tangie has inherited many of the strong tangerine flavors of its parent, Tangerine Dream. It is very citrusy and slightly sweet.
  • Trophy Wife: Bred from Da Wife and Trophy 1, Trophy Wife was tested at nearly 19% CBD.
  • Durban Potion: A complex terpene profile delivers flavors of spice, musk, and skunk.

CBG Flowers

Many CBD dispensaries have just one or two token CBG strains, and more often than not, it’s the same one or two strains available everywhere else. CBD Hemp Direct is a little different and stocks a wide selection of CBG varietals, as well as sample packs that combine both CBD and CBG flowers.

  • Paradise CBG: Strong terpenes, complex tastes, and over 21% CBG—this strain serves as the ideal introduction to what has been dubbed the “mother of all cannabinoids.”
  • Desert Snow CBG: With balanced levels of Bisabolol, Guaiol, and Caryophyllene, this strain is fragrant, spicy, and sweet in equal measure.
  • Jazzy CBG: Nearly 20% CBG and a profile that is heavy on the Caryophyllene, producing aromas of strong herbs and spices.
  • CBG Flower Farmers Batch: An affordable way to get your fix of CBG, these flowers are not the highest quality, but you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. Order an ounce for less than $40.

Other Products

CBD Hemp Direct’s extensive range doesn’t end with its flowers, smalls, and pre-rolls. It also stocks premium CBD kief, edibles (gummies, cookies, pet treats), concentrates, tinctures, and more.

Its online store accepts all major credit/debit cards and the site is built on the secure Shopify platform. Make sure you take a look at the “On Sale” section, as there are usually some very tempting discounts available.

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