CBD For The People Review

CBD For The People for “CBD FTP” produces and sells a broad range of hemp and CBD products. Based in Southern California, it uses rigorous testing and quality control to monitor its product from seed to shelf, ensuring the very best outcome every time.

About CBD For The People

CBD FTP positions itself as a consumer-friendly brand, claiming that it offers cheaper products not just because it can, but because it wants to. It’s devoted to its customers and maintains a high standard of quality while offering reasonable prices.

Those prices are not actually as cheap as these statements would have you believe. We have nothing against the company, as its products seem to be of very good quality and its prices are certainly reasonable. At the same time, though, if you’re expecting them to be a great deal cheaper than anything else on the market, you might be somewhat disappointed.

On a gram for gram basis, its prices are in line with the majority of other providers we have covered. Still, that’s not the only thing that CBD FTP has going for it, and not all hemp flowers are judged equally.

In addition, CBD For The People has an extensive product range, lots of strains, and a devotion to lab-tested quality. 

Hemp Flower Varietals

For The People uses a hemp strain known as Wine Widow, which promises a massive CBD content of over 27%. As far as we can tell, this USA-grown hemp strain is unique to CBD FTP, and when you consider this, it’s claims of “affordability” begin to make a little more sense.  

Wine Widow is rich in terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene, and Pinene, with users reporting sensations of complete relaxation and anti-anxiety. 

You can buy Wine Widow hemp flowers in quantities of 4g and 8g, costing $34.99 and $54.99, respectively. Alternatively, FTP sells pre-rolls containing 0.5g each. There are 7 pre-rolls to a pack and each order comes with a book of matches and a price tag of $39.99. 

The product description actually states that there are 0.6g in each roll, but the packaging contradicts this. In either case, you’re getting between 3.5g and 4.2g of hemp flower, which means it’s not too much more expensive than the nugs.

If you prefer to drink your CBD, FTP sells hemp tea for $39.99. Each pack contains 7 teabags with 0.5g per bag. They also include green tea, lemon myrtle, and ginseng. It’s a beautifully-branded product and a great way to benefit from the potential synergistic effects of green tea, ginseng, and hemp.

Other Products

If hemp flowers aren’t your cup of tea, then FTP has a few other products to consider.

It sells an assortment of vapes containing anywhere from 30 to 81% CBD and tinctures of between 10ML and 60ML. You can also purchase salves and soft gels, most of which are made using Dark CBD. 

Dark CBD is an unrefined product that promises to maintain all of the plant’s nutrients, including an abundance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. It claims that many of these are lost during refinement, turning a dark extract into a golden one. DARK CBD oils are blended with MCT oil and said to taste like tea.

All products can be ordered directly through the FTP website. There are usually plenty of discounts available to bring those affordable prices down even more. After spending just a few seconds on the site, we were hit with a pop-up offering a 10% discount—a big saving if you’re placing a substantial order.

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