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Jaxon Hemp Brand Review

Jaxon Hemp is a hemp brand located in Southern Oregon, a hotspot for high-quality hemp. It uses its prime location to source some of the best hemp in the world and supply this to its growing base of customers, with delivery across the United States. Jaxon Hemp products are available retail and wholesale and include …

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Endoca Review

Endoca is a CBD brand named for the endocannabinoid system. It produces premium CBD products across a variety of categories and extracts everything from its own plants, which are grown on over 2,000 acres of organic land. Endoca’s roots are in Denmark but it also has a base in the United States and ships throughout …

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American Indican Review

American Indican is a Colorado-based purveyor of CBD and hemp products. It sells a variety of organically-grown oils and tinctures that it promises are completely THC-free and third-party tested. The company seems to be associated with a brand known as Pangaea RX. Not only does it have a very similar website template and product listing, …

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Moon Flower Review

Moon Flower is a female-owned and operated hemp business nestled in the mountains of West Virginia. It’s a brand that is truly passionate about the product that it sells, and this passion shines through in all of their products and promotions.  About Moon Flower Far too many hemp dispensaries have websites that were seemingly designed …

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Greene Hemp Company Review

Greene Hemp Company is based in Greenville, Tennessee, and sells quality hemp to customers across the United States. It stocks loose flowers, pre-rolls, and CBD products, all of which are branded with the company’s name and logo and made using its own premium hemp. Hemp Flower Varietals At the time of writing, the Greene Hemp …

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Nashville Flower Review

Before conducting this Nashville Flower review, we’d like to note that the site seemed a little unfinished. We contacted them and we waited for an update, but the site remained unchanged and we didn’t get a response.  As a result, we’re not entirely sure if it is operational or if it will be anytime soon. …

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Mako Hemp Co. Review

Mako Hemp is a relatively new hemp company producing a series of organic, all-natural CBD products and smokable flowers. It launched in January 2019 but was still putting the pieces together in late 2020, with many products listed as “coming soon” and many aspects of the site still being worked on. Considering the events of …

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Wildflower Hemp Co. Review

Wildflower Hemp Co. is a small farm situated in Central Oregon. It was founded by Gary Hall, an experienced cannabis and hemp farmer, and is run by a small family team of hemp enthusiasts. About Wildflower Hemp Co. The techniques used by this artisanal brand have been honed following two decades of growing experience. Its …

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Agrodine Farms Review

Agrodine Farms is a hemp producer and reseller that stocks a varied selection of hemp flowers and CBD products. It sells wholesale and retail quantities and its website has detailed COAs of all its strains. About Agrodine Farms There isn’t a great deal of information about Agrodine Farms on the web. We tried contacting them …

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Mr. Hemp Flower Review

Mr. Hemp Flower is located in North Carolina, but it works with hemp farmers from some of the country’s biggest hemp producing regions, including Oregon and Colorado.  It sources top-shelf hemp flowers and packs them into a variety of products, including pure flowers, nugs, and pre-rolls. It also produces its own cannabinoid products, our favorite …

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Medhemporium Review

Medhemporium is an Oregon-based company founded and run by Steven Fink. It sells organically-grown, lab-tested hemp flowers and has a number of strains available, including many locally-bred favorites. About Medhemporium  All of Medhemporium’s strains are grown outdoors and are harvested by hand. The plants are then slow cured for 8 weeks, a process that its …

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Mystic Roots Review

Mystic Roots is an Oregon-based hemp brand that sources flowers from small farms across the Beaver State. The company itself is located in Seaside, but it sources hemp from farms in Eugene and Laurel, focusing on unique variants of popular strains that have flourished there for several years. Hemp Flower Varietals Mystic Roots hemp flowers …

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Terp Nation Review

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that produce the aromas, flavors, and even the benefits associated with hemp and other beneficial plants. They are an essential part of every plant’s chemical composition and when you extract those compounds, you have a pungent, potent, and flavorful product on your hands. That’s where Terp Nation comes in. It …

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Southern Charm Botanicals Review

Southern Charm Botanicals was founded in 2019 by two CBD enthusiasts from Memphis, TN. Like so many farmers and producers before them, they got into the CBD game after witnessing the effects that this cannabinoid had on their nearest and dearest.  Since those early days, they have focused on creating organic, clean, and high-quality hemp …

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Primo Gardens Review

From its base in New Mexico, Primo Gardens produces huge quantities of hemp flowers and CBD products. It’s a seed-to-shelf process that keeps the supply chain clean and guarantees that only the finest flowers make it through.  Its products are sold in retail and wholesale quantities and Primo Gardens also offers a white label service, …

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